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10 things I really miss about NYC

I’ve been on the road for a couple of months now with just my backpack. It weighs about 8-9kg. In that time, I’ve learned to live more minimally and roll with the punches. 

More importantly, I’ve learned to shed creature comforts and appreciate things I’d previously taken for granted. Examples include air conditioning, solitude, ice, cold beer, etc.
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Riding Solo: Exploring Vietnam by Motorbike

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

For the good chunk of my 27 years, I feared motorcycles.

I refused to come near them, let alone drive one. To me, the risk wasn’t worth it. I’d already met heaps of foreigners who’d gotten into motorbike accidents, and I’ve witnessed quite a few myself. 
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World’s Food in NYC: Where to get Larb?

Hi everyone – I am back with a new food update! On this horribly rainy day in NYC Thai food might be a good option for tonight’s dinner so keep on reading! Today I am going to tell you where to find Larb in NYC.Continue Reading →

Paradise Found: Exploring Lan Ha Bay

I drew in a deep breath, and held it there. My eyes opened and I gazed up at the overhanging limestone cliff above. Exhaling slowly, I chalked up once more and readied myself for the ensuing battle.

For a fleeting moment, I wondered why I do this to myself.
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The Secret Beach at Cat Ba

Real quick update while it’s still fresh. 

Last night, I decided over drinks that I’d head over to Cat Ba Island today to see Vietnam’s famous Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. 

Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World heritage site with massive limestone tower karst Continue Reading →

Hanoi and love and I 


It’s been less than 72 hours since I arrived in this crazy wild city, and I already love it here.

When I first arrived, I was intimidated by the chaos. The madness made me want to cower in a corner into fetal position.
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My retreat to Bangkok

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been in rock climbing heaven at Krabi and beaching/diving at Koh Tao. While in Koh Tao, I started to get island fever and decided last minute that I had to get out. I needed a few days to myself to relax, hold off on the activities, and get away from the craziness.

So I flew back to Bangkok. 
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World’s Food in NYC: Where to get Yen Ta Fo?

Want to eat everything that Cesar is eating during his trip? Do you want to try new cuisines? Then keep reading.

For the ones who don’t know me, I am Cesar’s girlfriend Gizem. While he is traveling solo, I am going to be in NYC working towards my PhD, but I want to have some fun too! Continue Reading →

What I’ve learned so far from solo travel

I treat my wounds carefully. I am covered in mosquito bites, bruises, and mysterious rashes. For the first time, I am very sunburnt. Also, I think I may have sprained my thumb from rock climbing.

And I am very, very happy.

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