Adventures in Frugality: Food budget SLASHED!

I’m trying to buckle down. Really, I am. The dreamy life? I want it…again. And this time…forever.  I’ve been reading a million personal finance blogs, listening to audiobooks while I work (hoping the info will just soak into my brain) and harassing the dear boyfriend about every little line-item on our budget. He may get nominated for sainthood this year…I’m not sure.

The main things we have been working on is reducing our food expenses. We were truly out of control. Eating out whenever we felt like it. Buying expensive groceries. Having expensive groceries delivered. Going out for expensive drinks with friends.  Just plain craziness.

But now…Costco has become our friend. Leftovers? They never go bad. Cooking at home has become my new BFF AND hobby.  And the best thing…when we DO go out…it actually feels special again. Before…it was just the norm!

And, well, I think we’re making progress. I just checked our Mint account and realized that we have spent $300 LESS that we did at this time last month. And last month, we spent $600 less than we did two months before. Don’t even ask what we started out at. It’s just embarrassing.  So…in just a few months, we have reduced our food bill by nearly $1000 per month.

While this immediately goes to debt for now…think about all the lovely travels it will afford us in the future!

Cheers and happy savings!

Carrie Snow

PS. Just to over-share…here is what I am reading (Ok, obsessing) over these days.


Mr. Money Mustache (as always)

Get Rich Slowly

My Wife Quit Her Job

Books (Free from library…thanks to new-found frugality):

The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job.

A great book about starting an online business when you don’t have a boat-load of capital. I learned a lot! Who knows…maybe I’ll write an e-book one of these days.

Your Portable Empire: How to Make Money Anywhere While Doing What You Love

It’s kind of in the same vein as above. The author tells his story of his transformation from a broke blues guitarist to a successful e-marketer. I find it a little self-promotional (maybe that’s the point) but still had a lot of good info on starting an e-business.

PSS. I’m not completely single-minded, friends. I’m also reading Nick Cave’s And the Ass Saw the Angel So there.

4 responses to “Adventures in Frugality: Food budget SLASHED!

  1. You reduced your food budget by $1,000. That’s awesome! It sounds like it was pretty high to begin with, but that’s sweet progress. Cooking at home is certainly the way to go.
    The one comment I have about CostCo is that I think they trick most of their customers (I mean members) into spending more than they had intended. Not all of their “deals” are actually cheaper. I wrote a post about it if you’re interested.

    • Great article! Yep, I just buy “whole foods” there, meaning bulk fruit and veggies, frozen meat, cheeses, beans etc. I think if you stay focused and don’t get distracted by all the shiny toys, then you can do pretty well.

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