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Paradise Found: Exploring Lan Ha Bay

I drew in a deep breath, and held it there. My eyes opened and I gazed up at the overhanging limestone cliff above. Exhaling slowly, I chalked up once more and readied myself for the ensuing battle.

For a fleeting moment, I wondered why I do this to myself.
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The plan and why I’m not planning

The game plan for my SE Asia trip hasn’t changed much since my first blog post.

So far, I still only have a 1-way ticket to Bangkok plus a place booked for my first few nights. I have an idea of the countries I might want to hit, but not much else.

This lack of having a “concrete plan” is by design, of course. But it is starting to freak me out.

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“Here’s where the fun begins” – My Asia Walkabout

The idea came to me months ago.

Then one day, it just happened. Next I told my girlfriend and family, then my friends and more recently, my coworkers. Now, it’s time to press GO on this blog and tell the world!

In two weeks, I leave for a 4-6 month solo trip to Southeast Asia.

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